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squirrels scratching in the loft and roof space
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 Squirrel Pest Control Stockport, Cheshire Tameside and High Peak 

Scratching noises in the loft roof space 

Scratching noises in the loft space is often caused by squirrels entering the roof voids of buildings. This can happen all year round for nesting purposes, also food storage and warmth. Young often return to their maternal home to start their own brood. Numbers can run to several squirrels in one attic.


The damage grey squirrels can do to the structure of the building through gnawing timbers and electrics can run into thousands of pounds if left untreated. Blocking them out is not usually sufficient as they gnaw holes to get back in!  Squirrels in the garden are also nuisances causing damage to trees and plants as well as pinching bird food.


Trapping Grey Squirrels 

By far the best method to get rid of a squirrel infestation, it is very successful, quick, safe and the results can be seen with the squirrels being removed. Country Solutions pest control are squirrel trapping specialist, we use different types of traps and trapping methods for all types of situations. All squirrel traps are humane and approved for use in England and will be set to the safest standards possible and at no time will they be a risk to public or non-target species.

Squirrel trapping will be carried out over a period of visits usually scheduled daily our pest control technician will advise and work with the customer to achieve the best results. We ask that during treatments that feeding of any wild birds in the garden be stopped this gives us the best chance of getting quick results.


We arrange visits for squirrels at a time to suit you. The service is often offered at a set price for domestic customers, this will be quoted before commencement of the work.

Entry holes may be blocked temporary at our discretion and if safe to do so once the trapping is completed. We usually advise to have a builder or roofer on stand-by to proof all the squirrel access points to the roof voids.


Why traps and not poison? 

On eating poison it can take a squirrel 3 -4 days to die, Often they die in inaccessible places, leaving a rotting carcase which can smell and become fly blown. The chance of the squirrels dying outside is also high, where other animals such as dogs or cats can eat the poisoned remains. Many pest controllers use poison because it is the easy option for them.


If you need any further information about the service or to book an appointment, please call or use the contact form and we answer your questions on grey squirrels.

Direct Mobile:   07581 789990

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