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Rural Pest Control

A specialist side to our company is providing pest management in rural communities. 

Clients include farms, stable yards, angling clubs, feed suppliers and managers of environmentally sensitive sites.




Country Solutions are specialist in Rat and Mouse control in rural situations. Andrew Leach our Director has completed accreditated courses from the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) ensuring all our we work to the highest standards. Moles are becoming an increasing problem in the countryside, we have over 30 years experience in trapping.




We have experience  in working on wildlife sensitive sites (SSSI),  agriculture, equestrian, golf clubs, fishing clubs and local councils to name a few.



We are able to offer the services on either a clearance or on a serviced contract basis. Technicians will advise on the best solution for your site. Health and safety levels is a priority at all times, risk assesssments, safety data sheets and written reports, are supplied as requested for the compliance of farm assurance schemes, food supply contracts and environmental health.




Supporters of the practice of the Think Wildlife Campaign ensures that we work with the customer to help achieve the required results in the safest possible way. Our experience of working in agriculture ensures that we are the team for the job.


A pair of barn owls consume 2000 mice and voles a year. 

This is the best form of pest control you can have on a farm.

Think wildlife - use rodenticides carefully

Direct Mobile:   07581 789990

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