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Pest control for mice in the home

The two main type of mice that can gain entry into a property are the house mouse and the field/wood mouse others do gain entry but are not as common.

Evidence of mice I a property range from sightings, light scratching noises, chewing of paper or food, evidence of nesting and mouse droppings.

Our pest control technician on arrival at your will carry out a survey and determine the extent of the mouse infestation, help pinpoint entry points which mice could be using and advise on the safest quickest method of eradication.

The two main methods that our pest control specialist use to eradicate mice problems are either traps or rodenticides [mouse poison] and as each infestation and house are different advice will be given as to the best approach. With both methods’ safety is priority and no point will there be risk to public, children, pets or other non-target species. We achieve this by using locked tamperproof boxes and keeping them to voids and in-accessible areas within the property.

Mouse infestations usually take several visits to clear completely and factors such as access points and other food sources play a vital role [read our blog on how mice gain entry]. We use several different techniques to find entry or monitor infestations, which can include camera’s and tracking dust amongst others.

A pest inspection report will be left at the premises stating any pesticides used, baiting/ trapping plan, advice sheet and inspection report. All baits and mouse traps will be removed from the premises at the end of the treatment.

For further information please call us or use the contact form and we will be happy to help.

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