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fumigation for cat and dog fleas

Flea Infestation Treatment

The most common type of flea come from either a cat or a dog.  Country Solutions pest control Stockport treatment for a flea infestation in the home is by using residual insecticidal spray on all the soft furnishings. The spray treatment we use will not stain any of the furnishings and is safe to touch once dry.


We understand that you may have concerns regarding children and pets, our technicians are highly trained. On arrival at the premises we will advise on the best and safest method of treatment.  We ask that the property is empty while the flea treatment takes place and all pets removed (treatment takes around 30mins).


Before commencement of flea treatment of your propertt your pets will need to be treated by a vet. We require the house to be clean and vacuumed for the best results. You will be advised about this on booking an appointment.


Fleas can remain dormant for long periods of time without a host to feed on. It is not unusual for properties that have been empty for a period to have an infestation, we are able to advise on this and any other concerns.


We have a set price for a single treatment for fleas. This is often sufficient but can not be guaranteed, a reduced rate is offered for follow up visits.  We also supply monitoring traps to ensure a flea free home.

Direct Mobile:  07581 789990

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