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Pest control for rat infestations

Rats in and around a properties occur because they a food source or are seeking food, they also need dry harbourage for a nesting purpose's. Having on average five litters a year and reaching sexual maturity at six weeks of age, a rat infestation can soon become a major problem.

Understanding that every situation for rats is different below is a overview of basic rat pest control.

Rats gain access into homes via many different routes, these are often poor building maintenance and damaged or redundant drains or sewers. If you live in a detached property, the problem may be sourced to the neighbours.

Evidence of rats in the home range from sightings, scratching in voids and loft spaces, chewed food, rat droppings or a distinctive smell.

Our pest control technician on arrival at a property will carry out a survey to determine the extent of the infestation, look for obvious ways of how the rats have entered the building and advise if further investigations are needed including drain surveys.

They will then discuss the best options eradication of the rats, which in the home is usually a trapping program and working with you to stop further infestations.


Rats in a garden will never be far from a good food source, the usual culprits are people feeding the birds, compost heaps and rubbish bags. The rats also need a dry place to nest which is often in and around sheds compost bins and under decking.

Or pest control technician will after surveying will advise on the best options to eradicate the infestation.

On all treatment programmes for rats an inspection safety report will be left with you, which includes the treatment report and advice.

Pest control for rats can take a number of visits before control is gained. Factors such as their original source, food availability and prevention measures play a big part in getting the problem under control quicker.

Our cost for rats start with a one off inspection charge, A way forward to eradicate the problem would be discussed with any further cost would be outlined once a program has been decided.

For more information on our treatment for rats please call or fill in the contact form and we will call.

Rats in the home

Rats in the garden

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