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rat bait certificates for farm rat control

Rodent Control

Our THINK WILDLIFE accredited technician is specialised to carry out and advise on rat and mouse control in areas where wildlife could be affected by any misuse of rodent baits.


Clients include farms, stable yards, small holdings, angling clubs, golf clubs, country houses and managers of environmentally sensitive sites.


The Think Wildlife Campaign is about changing the way we tackle baiting for vermin in rural environments and educating people that live and work in the countryside to be aware of the implications of their actions so there is little or no impact on wildlife when controlling vermin.



A Professional and planned approach is encouraged in all areas of the treatment, this includes placement of rat bait stations and the ongoing monitoring of them, proofing of buildings, searching and destroying of rodent carcasses and ensuring no baits are left in the open for none target species


Country Solutions have accredited technicians who adhere to the code of conduct of the campaign and can offer help and advice for clients wanting to take a more responsible approach and help preserve their environment.


We carry out site clearance and contracts on all types of rural pest control and can help farmers with compliance for supplying food contracts or farm assurance. Full coshh reports, risk assessments and survey findings are supplied to all contract customers.

Direct Mobile:  07581 789990

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