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wasp nest removal

Wasp Nest Removal

PURCHASE WITH  CONFIDENCE:    At Country Solutions pest control Stockport we offer a safe, effective, rapid response service for wasp nest. This is carried out at a fixed price at a time to suit you, If for some reason the 1st treatment does not work, we will come back and retreat at no extra cost!

We treat wasp nest in all SK post codes as well Stockport, Tameside, High Peak and East Cheshire.


Wasp can nest anywhere, including loft or attic spaces, air bricks, sheds, garages, bushes and bird boxes!  Usually starting in June until October.  Evidence can be wasp flying direct into a hole, a roundish paper looking ball or in late season large amounts of dead or dying wasp in a room.  Unsure where it is call us for advice! 


The usual method of destroying the wasp nest is using an insecticidal powder that is blown into the entry hole of the nest or hole where the wasp enter the building.  The powder starts to take effect immediately and also has a residual life that will kill any foraging wasp as they return to the nest.  It takes 24 hours for the nest to die completely, a service that is guaranteed.


On arrival at the premises the technician will advise on the best and safest method of treatment.  We use the latest equipment and are experienced in treating nests in all types of places. Most of the time we are able to treat nest from outside the building.


Sorry we don't treat Bees and will charge a call-out fee if the infestation is identified as Bees by our technician.


Don't get stung, call today!


Card Payments Accepted.



Direct Mobile:  07581 789990

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