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Mice how do they enter a property?

One of the many questions we get asked as #pest #control #specialist is where are the #mice getting in to the property.

Depending on the type of house and whether you live in a rural or urban location should help decide as to the type of #mouse usually either the house mouse or field/wood mouse.

The #house #mouse is mainly found in urban areas as the name suggest. Depending on the type of property you live in the problem can be spread amongst several attached dwellings, and as you are not responsible for other people's problems sometimes the only way forward to stop them entering your property is to find access holes within your own boundaries.

Entry points are often in and around water and waste pipes, electric cables, poorly fitting skirting boards, wall floor junctions from behind bath panels to name a few.

The mice can gain access from property to property via #loft #spaces, wall cavities and under floors. the main aim of the on #entering your property is to find a #food source, warmth and a mate. If you have mice in in your premises always wise to stop the food source, make sure all bins are sealed and food is in cupboards with no access points. clear away pet food when the pet has finished eating, vacuum around regular if children are of an age for dropping food.

Blocking holes can be time consuming but needs to be done thoroughly unless you are a keen on DIY it may be better to call a professional.

Field #mice again as the name suggest come from rural surroundings often coming inside during the winter months for warmth and an extra food source.

Depending on the type of property there are a number of ways to minimise the risk of them getting in, some are mentioned above for shared or terraced housing. Checking the exterior of the properly and your neighbours for poor maintenance such as ill-fitting pipes gaps under doors [ especially garage ] and size of air brick holes these are all amongst the most common routes for access.

Again remove all food sources which should include feeding the birds and storing bird and pet food securely.

As #pest #controllers we use a number of ways to monitor for mice with checking techniques and tools to see such thing as direction of travel and #access #points with a large number of #mouse #proofing products on the market if you are not sure call a professional.

One last, we often get asked do the plug in ultra sound devices I would say no!

Do you need more advice for #pest #control #Stockport

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